Sandra Bullock is caught in a horrific accident in space that sets her adrift in the Sci-Fi movie 'Gravity.'

Sandra Bullock is caught in a horrific accident in space that sets her adrift in the Sci-Fi movie ‘Gravity.’

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock take off on a near-earth orbit terror ride in a new trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s space-thriller “Gravity.” But much of the film will be without sound.

To maintain accuracy, a lot of the action sequences will be silent because no sounds can be heard in space, Cuarón revealed.

It will be a real test to see if audiences will watch the movie under those circumstances. He’ll find out when the film is screened next month at the Venice Film Festival.

Sound was added to the trailer’s space scenes to convey the suspense of a shuttle breaking up under bombardment from debris, Cuarón said.

The trailer opens with Bullock, who plays rookie astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone, and space veteran Matt Kowalsky, played by Clooney, in the midst of a routine Extra-Vehicular Activity, or EVA outside their shuttle. Stone is anchored on the shuttle’s boom, while Kowalsky is maneuvering with a jetpack.

They get a message from base to abort the space walk immediately because of the advancing debris. But things quickly spin out of control (literally) as the shuttle starts getting pummeled and begins breaking up.

Stone’s boom is severed from the ship and she is thrown into space, alone. Kowalsky loses contact with her as he desperately tries to save another crew member.

“We’ve lost Houston,” Kowalsky shouts. The veteran astronaut and shuttle commander must try to salvage the situation on his own against the blackness and deafening silence of space. He tracks down and tethers himself to Stone and the begin to search for a way home.

The film has been several years in the making. Warner Bros. bought the rights to the script from Universal Studios. A slew of actresses, from Marion Cotillard, Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively to Natalie Portman were considered for the part until Bullock landed it, according to Reuters.

Likewise, Robert Downey Jr. was slated to play Kowalsky, until conflicts forced him out of the picture and Clooney stepped in, Reuters reported.

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