Rosario Dawson is smaller than she appears in movies like “Death Proof – Grindhouse,” “Sin City” and “Alexander,” according to the German edition of GQ magazine. But there is no denying she is a powerhouse performer and super sexy to boot,  judging by her latest photos.

Dawson is making the rounds promoting her latest film, the railway thriller “Unstoppable” by Tony Scott, opposite Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, and shows why she is considered one of Hollywood’s bankable stars in a GQ photo shoot.

The movie is about a freight train filled with explosives racing uncontrollably toward a town and only the three of them can stop it.

Check out Rosario’s photos; click to enlarge!

Dawson keeps most of her clothes on, but she likes the film because the part is a strong role about a strong woman.

She got her start in movies in the controversial 1995 film “Kids,” about sexually active teens in New York and their uninhibited use of drugs and alcohol.

At the time she played the part she says she was still a virgin. Spike Lee saw her in it, and “sort of adopted” her, Rosario says.

He became her mentor and convinced her to continue with acting.

She went on to star independent films and big-budget blockbusters including “Rent,” “He Got Game,” and “Men in Black II.”

Dawson dated former “Sex and the City” star Jason Lewis for two years, and was rumored to have dated Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson.

Since 2008, she’s been dating Mathieu Schreyer, a Frenchman and an international DJ that she met at a French cafe.

She confirmed that they recently moved in together.