Former squeaky clean Disney teen star Christy Carlson Romano, who charmed in the 2000 sit-com “Even Stevens,” has graduated to the world of R-rated films with a naked romp in “Mirrors 2,” a straight-to-video horror film.

The movie is a far cry from her earlier Disney work, but in some sense it’s a step forward to an adult film career, where film nudity is often part of the job.

In many ways, Romano, 26, may reflect the career arc of current Disney teen queen Miley Cyrus, who turns 18 and officially becomes an adult in November.

Cyrus’ Disney career is winding down, and she is attempting to make the transition to an adult film and music career.

Christy Carlson Romano

Miley’s latest video for her song, “Who Owns My Heart,” off her album Can’t be Tamed is her most sexually provocative yet. It opens with her on a bed in a tank top and panties.

Romano debuted on Broadway in the musical Parade and became the first star in the Disney stable to act in three Disney Channel projects simultaneously in 2002.

She starred in the Disney sit-com “Even Stevens,” appeared with Hillary Duff in the movie “Cadet Kelly” and starred as Kim Possible in a movie by the same name.

She also played in a 31-week run as Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Her other Broadway credits included Avenue Q, the quirky puppet musical.

Her most recent turn was Off-Broadway in White Lies, which ended in June. She’s also attending the Ivy League’s Barnard College in New York.

Why she felt a need to star in “Mirrors 2,” a sequel to the 2008 film “Mirrors” is anyone’s guess, but her Disney fans will be sure to want to catch it.

Watch the safe-for-work trailer below.