Sandra Bullock plays an astronaut who is lost in space in the new movie 'Gravity.'

Sandra Bullock plays an astronaut who is lost in space in the new movie ‘Gravity.’

Sandra Bullock gets all the attention in a new trailer for the upcoming space drama “Gravity” with George Clooney. Bullock is an astronaut who gets caught outside when her space shuttle collides with a satellite, casting her off in space… alone.

She must find a way to get back to her damaged spacecraft before she runs out of oxygen and becomes a satellite in her own right.

Gravity was screened at the the 70th Venice International Film Festival last month where it earned generally strong reviews. It will premiere next at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival before it goes into wide release in the United States and Canada next month (Oct. 13).

The film is considered suspenseful even though much of it unfolds without sound to maintain realism, since no sounds can be heard in space, according to Director Alfonso Cuarón.

Bullock plays rookie astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone, who is traveling with space veteran Matt Kowalsky, played by Clooney. During a routine Extra-Vehicular Activity, or EVA outside their shuttle, a collision takes place with another orbiting object.

Stone is anchored on the shuttle’s boom, while Kowalsky is maneuvering with a jetpack. Stone’s boom is severed from the ship and she is thrown into space, alone. Kowalsky loses contact with her as he desperately tries to save another crew member.

The suspense begins when Kowalsky tries to rescue Stone. The new trailer focuses on Bullock’s character in the terrifying moments after she is cast adrift.

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