Bryan Cranston plays Walter White, a high school teacher turned meth kingpin.

Bryan Cranston plays Walter White, a high school teacher turned meth kingpin.

Walter White is finding out the hard way that things can’t end well when you’re one of the baddest producers of methamphetamine in the southwestern United States. It all comes to an end next Sunday. Here’s a new trailer previewing the finale.

Although crime shows are nothing new, “Breaking Bad,” put a whole new twist on the genre.

It’s sort of hard-core “Weeds,” but not since the “Sopranos” has a show captured the ethos of living a double life. with one foot in suburbia and another deep into crime.

In that sense, Walter White is as towering a figure as Tony Soprano.

The show deals with the way illegal drugs can be ruinous, but it’s real power comes from the way White, played by Bryan Cranston, is himself transformed from harried everyman to hardened criminal.

As he plunges deeper and deeper into the underworld, he becomes a monster, although an unwilling one. The struggle between good Walter and bad Walter is epic.

Briefly, Walter is a high school chemistry teacher who loves his job, but when he learns he has inoperable lung cancer, he decides to put his knowledge to use to provide a safety net for his family after he’s gone. While he’s motives are honorable, his methods aren’t.

He teams up with former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to manufacture and sell the high-powered stimulant.

After five seasons, the AMC show will come to an end on Sept. 29. Will Walter get what’s coming to him?

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Footnote: Breaking Bad won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama and Anna Gunn, who plays Walter’s suffering wife, also won an Emmy, for outstanding lead actress.