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Zac Efron Has ‘Awkward Moments’ in New Red Band Trailer (watch!)

Zach Efron stars in “That Awkward Moment,’ a coming-of-age “dude movie” about relationships.

Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are featured in a new red-band trailer for “That Awkward Moment” a “dude movie” about three committed bachelors who find themselves hopelessly drawn into relationships against their will.

The trailer is laced with salty language and potty-themed sight gags as the one-for-all, all-for-one frat boys hit the Manhattan bar scene.

Miraculously, they all come under the spell of fetching women who slowly breakdown their barriers to dating. You know she’s the right one, “when your crotches line up,” according to one character.

The trailer includes a scene with Efron in the buff. The movie may be new, but sight gags seem all too familiar. In one, Efron’s character is invited to a “dress up” party, and thinks it’s a costume party.

When he arrives wearing a sleeve-less sweatshirt, headband and large rubber penis hanging from his crotch, he discovers that “dress up” means fancy cocktail wear. Of course, his girlfriend’s parents are there. But at least he got the cock right.

With films like this, no wonder Efron landed in rehab. The movie also stars Jessica Lucas, Imogen Poots, and Parker Block.

That awkward moment hits theaters on Jan. 31, 2014. Check out the trailer below. Warning: nsfw due to salty language. And be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest movie news.

Footnote: The film is the first produced by Efron’s Ninjas Runnin’ Wild production company, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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