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Jessica Biel Eerie Hot in New ‘Truth About Emanuel’ Trailer (watch)

Jessica Biel stars in a spooky indie film about her obsessive relationship with a nextdoor neighbor in The Truth About Emanuel.

Jessica Biel becomes the object of an obsession in a new trailer for the indie thriller “The Truth About Emanuel.” Kaya Scodelario plays opposite as Emanuel, who is haunted by her dead mother.

The film, which also stars Alfred Molina, Frances O’Connor, Jimmi Simpson and Aneurin Barnard, was screened at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and earned a nomination for best drama.

Written, directed and produced by Francesca Gregorini, the picture tracks Emanuel (Scodelario), a troubled girl who becomes obsessed by her new, nextdoor neighbor, Linda (Biel).

It seems she bears a striking resemblance to her Emanuel’s mother, who died during childbirth.

Emanuel tries to learn more about her by offering to babysit Linda’s newborn. That opens the door to a strange world where she is the gatekeeper of her own fantasy.

Interestingly, Rooney Mara was set to play the title character before she stepped out, and the part went to Scodelario, an English actress known mostly for her work in British television dramas.

She’s probably best known in the U.S. for her role in the 2010 remake of the “Clash of the Titans.”

The trailer, released today (Nov. 5), opens with a voice-over by Emanuel as a tight face-shot dominates the screen. She explains the death of her mother. Her life becomes intertwined with her neighbor’s much to the consternation of those around her.

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Footnote: The film was previously known as: “Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes”

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