RoboCop must confront “robo-phobia” in America in a new trailer for the reboot of the 1987 cult classic. Joel Kinnaman, Jay Baruchel, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton star in the latest film.

RoboCop was a b-movie that found and unexpected audience and spawned two more sequels in 1990 and 1993.

Fans became particularly attached to the robotic main character, who was half human, half machine and ruthlessly efficient killing machine.

The films were so popular they spun off merchandise, a television series, two animated TV series and mini-series, video games and comic book adaptations.

The movie was also known for it’s campy take on a number of social issues like gentrification, corruption, privatization and corporations. The reboot also takes a cut at some modern-day issues like the right to privacy.

“It just comes from the realization that our vision of a robot 30 years from now is very different from the vision of what a robot was in the future in 1987,” said Kinnaman in an interview earlier this year.

The trailer features Jackson laying out the premise for the movie and the quest for a robot cop that people will accept.

The film opens in Feb. 2014. Check out the latest trailer below and follow TheImproper for the latest movie news.