Kristen Stewart’s effort to break away from her Bella Swan character in “Twilight” may have worked too well. Indie movie “Welcome to the Riley’s,” in which she plays the polar opposite of Bella, is on a one way trip to Palookaville.

Even Stewart’s risque performance as a shockingly self-destructive 16-year-old stripper, complete with racy scenes, hasn’t been enough to save the film. After two weeks in a limited run, it’s taken in a mere $60,000.

Of course the film has only been released in 10 theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Boston. But Rileys’ per-theater take was a only $4,215.
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What’s worse the film saw a 56 percent decline between the two weekends, which suggests word-of-mouth on the film from those who saw it — often critical to an indie film — was not good.

Given some of the pre-opening hype, it seem like the film should have done better.

Movie critic Anthony Breznican of USAToday praised Stewart for her portrayal, calling it a “shockingly sexual performance.”

“For an actress like Stewart, it would be easy to play it safe. Knock out a romantic comedy … while the vampire cash keeps rolling in from Twilight sequels. Instead, Stewart is challenging herself, and moviegoers, too,” he added.

The decision to use Kristen Stewart as a “hook” to lure moviegoers didn’t work out, according to one film guide.

Stewart’s Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson has repeatedly said fans are in love with the characters not him or Kristen personally.

There actually may be more truth than self-effacement to that.

The upshot is given the film’s weak performance and lackluster reviews (a 44 percent rating on rottentomatoes) means a wider release is unlikely.

So look for it soon on DVD. In the meantime, check out two of Kristen’s racier scenes.

Kristen stewart lap dance scene

Kristen Stewart bed scene