Lana Del Rey and Shaun Ross play Adam and Eve and other characters in Lana's short film Tropico.

Lana Del Rey and Shaun Ross play Adam and Eve and other characters in Lana’s short film Tropico.

Lana Del Rey look fresh-faced and demure and surprisingly thin-lipped at the premiere of her movie “Tropico” at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Los Angelea last night. She says the film will mark the end of her “Born to Die” era.

Del Rey, 27, confirmed she is working on a third album as she greeted fans, but she hasn’t given any clue yet which direction she’s heading with her music.

Lana reportedly longs for a film career and comes close in the 27-minute production she wrote and stars in calls “Tropico.” She calls it a tale of redemption.

It’s been described as a short film, but it can also be considered a very long music video featuring her songs, “Body Electric,” “Gods and Monsters,” and “Bel-Air.”

And, yes, Lana appears topless (sort of).

Lana Del Rey New Tropico Premiere Look
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She also narrates throughout, She even recites the opening stanza from Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl,” over a stripper scene.

It doesn’t to take long to see the film is heading off on a tangent that can only be described as surreal and as enigmatic as the singer herself.

The opening lines from the Creation in the Bible are resound in a voice-over while a John Wayne impersonator looms in the Garden of Eden.

Lana appears, lips still bee-stung, wearing a lace shawl and praying with her hands clasped in front of her. The scene segues to the Garden, but Lana stays covered up, a modest Eve. Shaun Ross plays Adam and her lover in the film.

The John Wayne impersonator is joined by an Elvis impersonator, and … oh yeah… Jesus is there, too. And, what would the Garden be without… Marilyn Monroe? It’s pop culture heaven.

Lana sings the opening number, “Body Electric,” and eventually takes a bite of the forbidden apple. She falls to the ground and the movie rockets into the future. Lana is now a stripper. Adam is working in a seedy bodega.

The Garden of Eden becomes the Garden of Evil, otherwise known as Los Angeles. It just gets too weird from here. So check it out below. If you don’t have 27 minutes to spare, you can watch the new trailer.

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