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Mila Kunis From One Throne to Another in Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Mila Kunis stars with Channing Tatum in Sci-Fi fantasy film ‘Jupiter Rising.’ Check out the new trailer (Photo: Getty)

Mila Kunis knows a lot about thrones, but not the kind Channing Tatum has in mind for her in a new trailer for their upcoming science fiction film “Jupiter Ascending.” Talk about upward nobility!

Kunis, 30, plays Jupiter Jones a Russian immigrant in the United States who is working her way up from the bottom… literally. She cleans toilets for a living.

But by a quirk of fate, she has a bigger destiny, Queen of the Universe. The problem is a queen is already on the throne, and she’s not too happy about Jupiter. She sees her as a threat and wants her killed.

Tatum, 33, plays Caine, a genetically-engineered ex-military hunter, who is sent to find and protect her. Needless to say, with the universe as your playground, anything can happen, and the special effects look stunning.

The film is all about destiny and DNA. Jupiter has the DNA, perfectly matched to the queen’s. Caine’s destiny has been to find her and save her.

The trailer is a scene setter that opens, explaining Caine’s remarkable powers derived from human and wolf DNA. Jupiter makes her debut in a hospital bed. She’s moments from death when Caine bursts in, blasting everyone in sight.

The movie also stars Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne. The movie itself is destined for the summer blockbuster circuit. It hits theaters on July 25, 2014.

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