Emmy Rossum is totally shameless in a new photo spread in Esquire. But don't let that fool you; she's brainy to boot.

Emmy Rossum is totally shameless in a new photo spread in Esquire. But don’t let that fool you; she’s brainy to boot.

Emmy Rossum stars in the hit television show “Shameless,” and puts on an untra-revealing visual display in Esquire magazine that captures the essence of the show. She bares nearly all in her sexiest photo shoot yet.

Her Showtime series is now entering it’s fourth season and it’s a must watch from most twenty-somethings like herself.

Rossum, who is 27, plays Fiona, the head of a poor Chicago family; she’s the oldest of six kids with an absentee mom and dad who mostly stays drunk all the time.

Fiona keeps the family together because of her strength of character and determination, despite all the pitfalls the family goes through, from grinding poverty and bad luck to sexcapades with half the neighborhood.

Emmy Rossum Sexy, Vulnerable in Esquire
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“I wanted that part sooo badly…” she says in a seperate interview in a UK magazine. “[At first] I got “she’s too polished, she’s too glam. She’s from New York and goes to the Met Ball. No one would believe her as Southside Chicago.”

In many ways, the show is about as far from Emmy’s upbringing as you can get, yet closely parallels it at the same time. Rossum was born in New York City and raised by a single mother who worked as a corporate photographer.

Her father bolted when her mom was pregnant with her, and Rossum has only met him twice.

Yet, she was a gifted child because she could sing and vaulted into the ratified air of Metropolitan Opera at age seven.

She was hand-picked Director Elena Doria to sing in the Children’s Chorus with the likes of Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.

She appeared in 20 different operas and sang in six different languages by the time she was 12. Then, she refocused her career on acting and studied with Flo Salant Greenberg at The New Actors Workshop in New York City.

“I just always knew how to be,” she tells Esquire about her upbringing.

She also admits she has an addiction to “My Strange Addiction.”

“The weirdos that are on there are so fascinating. My favorite episode is where the guy has a relationship with his car. An intimate and sexual and emotional relationship with his car,” she says.

She also has a favorite picture of Audrey Hepburn, not because she once played her in a movie. “I think she’s supercool,” she pronounces.

Suffice to say, she’s super-smart, experienced and has a killer body to boot. Just check out her Esquire photos and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter to keep up with Emmy’s career.