Jennifer Lawrence plays an oversexed New Jersey housewife  in the upcoming drama 'American Hustle.'

Jennifer Lawrence plays an oversexed New Jersey housewife in the upcoming drama ‘American Hustle.’

Jennifer Lawrence oozes a raw sexuality in “American Hustle,” that is helping to revive the feral female as a hot object of desire in motion pictures. She’s unsophisticated, trashy and voluptuous like only a New Jersey Housewife can be.

In the drama, scripted from real life, Lawrence, 23, plays Rosalyn Rosenfeld the trashy wife of a New Jersey con man Irving Rosenfeld, played by Christian Bale.

She’s manic-depressive and an alcoholic, who is all flesh and emotions, both of which are put on display by her low-cut, bosom exposing, animal-print dresses. Her sleazy, cheating husband only makes her that much more sympathetic.

She’s not exactly someone you’d take home to meet your parents; she’s loud and abrasive. Beneath her crass exterior lies a woman who is all exposed nerve endings.

Jennifer Lawrence Oozes Sexuality
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Even she can’t contain her explosive sexuality, which heats the most innocuous scenes.

In contrast, Amy Adams, who plays Sydney Prosser, Irving’s partner in crime and lover, is harder edged, cooler and far more calculating.

She’s just as desirable, if for other reasons; she knows how to manipulate men to get what she wants and has no moral compunction about getting it.

She even pawns herself off as British royalty, down to the faux English accent, to help Irving with one of his cons. In that sense, she’s the polar opposite of Lawrence’s Rosslyn.

When the two finally meet in a bathroom midway through the movie, the scene is like phosphorous; it spontaneously ignites. They can’t help taking digs at one another, until all Rosslyn can do is respond the only way her impulses tell her to–sexually–with a deep, lustful kiss.

It’s the kind of raw emotion that often makes the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” mesmerizing. It’s all about hiked up hair, short skirts, big bosoms and pheromones run rampant.

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