Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank has blasted Hollywood for failing to provide meaningful acting roles for women, charging that male-dominated industry can’t go beyond what it knows.

Swank made the comments in an interview with The Washington Post that drew surprisingly little publicity or reaction from Hollywood.

When asked if she ever wanted to act in a picture “completely out of left field” Swank was remarkably frank in her criticism of Hollywood.

“I think I did with “P.S. I Love You” even though that was kind of anchored in a reality. But you know, it’s really hard to find those scripts,” she said.

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“What I mean is, how many scripts do you see for women that are different from — other than Angelina Jolie and some action flicks.

Most women, she acknowledged are relegated to secondary roles. “Characters… are like the arm candy. Which, I just can’t find the humanity in that,” she said.
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Swank has played some powerful roles in movies centered on women, including her breakthrough “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Amelia,” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

She also has her own production company to ferret out those roles. But the problems go much deeper than that.

No, I don’t [think it’s getting better],” she said of the current climate in Hollywood.

“I think the reason why is that we tell the stories we know best. And I think 95 percent, or something like that, of directors and filmmakers and writers are male. So they’re telling the stories that they know.

Swank, who turned 36 on July 30, has two new movies in production, neither of which especially feature her feminine talents.

In “Conviction,” a true story, Swank plays Betty Anne Waters, an unemployed single mother who puts herself through law school so she can spring her wrongly convicted brother.

In the other, “The Resident” she plays a hot doctor who is menaced by a stalker.

Swank is scheduled to join Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashton Kutcher, Abigail Breslinand Glee’s Lea Michele in “New Year’s Eve,” Gary Marshall’s follow-up to this year’s “Valentine’s Day.”

Swank has also signed on to star in Fangland, a modern take on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. If that doesn’t get your blood boiling maybe these photos from CS magazine will, courtesy of our friends at egotastic.