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Vanessa Hudgens Hollywood Sexy at ‘Gimme Shelter’ Debut (photos)

Vanessa Hudgens was Young Hollywood hot at premieres of her new movie ‘Gimme Shelter’ in Los Angeles and New York.

Vanessa Hudgens plays a dirty waif in her new film “Gimme Shelter” but she was the epitome of sexy Young Hollywood glamour at the film’s New York City premiere.(Jan 22). She also dazzled at the Los Angeles premiere in a more revealing dress.

The 25-year-old actress appeared for the screening at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

Co-stars Rosario Dawson and Brendan Fraser were also there for the picture.

In the movie, Hudgens plays a homeless and pregnant runaway teen who is forced to endure the harsh existence of life in a community shelter.

“In the beginning it was a shock just because it’s an environment that I had never been in, being around these 15-16 year-olds who are pregnant and don’t have anywhere to go,” she said in a recent interview.

Ultimately, though, the movie has an uplifting message. “Sometimes through the darkest, hardest times in our life, if we have hope, we can grow and we can find love,” Vanessa said.

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Vanessa Hudgens Young Hollywood Hot at Gimme Shelter Debut
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