Amanda Seyfried tries her hand at comedy in her new film 'A Million Ways to Die in the West.'

Amanda Seyfried tries her hand at comedy in her new film ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West.’

Amanda Seyfried has finally figured out she lives to work, not the other way around. She took her first vacation in years and found it boring. But nothing is boring about her flowing blonde hair, wide blue eyes and hot bikini body.

Seyfried strips down to boots and bikinis for a Western-themed photo spread in the latest issue of W magazine. Nothing boring about that.

The photos complement her latest movie, Seth MacFarlane’s period comedy “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”

Amanda Seyfried Sizzles in Western Wear
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The picture has an all-star cast that includes MacFarlane, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Giovanni Ribisi, Sarah Silverman and Neil Patrick Harris.

Amanda plays Louise, the girlfriend of a MacFarlane’s character, a cowardly sheep farmer. Louise leaves him when he backs out of a duel, but he soon meets another woman, Anna, played by Theron, who helps he find his mettle. And, just in time.

As it turns out, Anna is married to a bad hombre (Neeson) who demands satisfaction and MacFarlane’s lowly shepherd must face him down.

Despite her smoldering looks, the last thing Seyfried can be considered is movie arm candy.

Her career covers a wide range of roles from 2008’s light-hearted musical “Momma Mia!” to dark dramas and the gritty indie bio-pic “Lovelace,” which required her to do nude scenes.

Seyfried took the scenes in stride. She credits her 2009 erotic thriller “Chloe” for giving her moxie to play the ground-breaking, ’70s-era adult-film star.

And, she credits “Chloe” co-star Julianne Moore for helping her handle her nude scenes in “Chloe”, including their Lesbian tryst.

Check out her stunning photos and read more from her W magazine article here.

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