Mel Gibson needs a shot at redemption. Can he get it from “The Beaver,” the Jodi Foster directed comedy? Mel plays a crazy man who discovers that a beaver hand puppet is his alter-ego who leads him back to sanity.

If only something like that could happen in real life.

It’s all but a foregone conclusion by now that Mel is considered a raging lunatic, and not in a quirky genius kind of way.

If yelling anti-semitic slurs at police officers during a drunk driving arrest wasn’t bad enough, his bitter break up with ex-lover Oksana Grigorieva revealed a mean streak that may well be the worst display of bad celebrity behavior ever caught on video on tape.

But his insanity may just be his salvation. As repulsive has he may seem, Gibson could draw audiences just to see him play a family destroying, unstable crazy, who is saved by a warm, fuzzy hand puppet.

It appears that Gibson’s recently run of horrid publicity hasn’t bee lost on the movie’s marketing team. They are playing off of it.

Who can resist seeing Mel get his comeuppance from a hand puppet? Could be the makings of a great Oscar story.

Check out the trailer: