Jon Hamm Lake Bell

Jon Hamm and Lake Bell play two unlikely lovers in the Disney picture ‘Million Dollar Arm.’

Jon Hamm, Lake bell and a pair Bollywood stars are featured in a new trailer and featurette for Disney’s uplifting new movie “Million Dollar Arm.”

The clips provide new look and a behind-the-scenes narrative about the making of the picture.

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Madhur Mittal plays Dinesh Patel and Suraj Sharma plays Rinku Singh, two standout players in India’s most popular sport, the British game of cricket.

Fading sports agent JB Bernstein, played by Hamm, travels to India in search of major-league baseball caliber pitchers. How Bernstein connects with Patel and Singh is an uplifting story that rivals the last Bollywood-Hollywood collaboration, “Slum Dog Millionaire.”

Disney says it’s one of the highest testing films in recent history, even besting “Harry Potter,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Bernstein travels to Mumbai and stages a televised, nationwide competition called “Million Dollar Arm.” More than 40,000 hopefuls tryout for a shot in the major leagues. Rinku and Dinesh, emerge as winners.

The travel to the United States to hone their skills and along the way they teach JB about the meaning of life.

Bell, who appears in a scintillating topless pictorial in Esquire’s new issue, plays Bernstein’s love interest Brenda Fenwick.

The picture premiered at the El Capitan Theatre, May 6.

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