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Claire Coffee, Star of NBC’s ‘Grimm,’ Invites You to Her Place (photos!)

Claire Coffee knows how to put a spell on people. She does it every week on the NBC cop drama ‘Grimm.’

Claire Coffee has been appearing in living rooms across the country for the past two years in the NBC cop fantasy-drama “Grimm.” So it seems only fitting that she invites us to her place. Maybe she’ll cast a spell.

Coffee, 34, posed famously for Esquire magazine’s “Me in My Place” feature in 2011 just about the time she was landing her NBC television role.

She was absolutely stunning then and even more stunning now. She appears on the “Me in My Place” Web site lensed by a New York City photographer who chooses to remain anonymous.

On ‘Grimm,” she plays a Adalind Schade a Hexenbiest (read witch) who doubles as a lawyer.

Now that the show has just been renewed by NBC for a fourth season, it only seemed fitting to drop by Claire’s place for another visit.

She’s an all-American girl and a big football fan who loves the San Francisco 49ers. Wow, a woman who can talk sports, what more could you want?

Well, just check out her photos, and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

Claire Coffee Brews Up Some Hot Red Eye (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

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