Twin Peaks, the hit 1990 television show will finally be unraveled in a new DVD, Blu-Ray box set.

Twin Peaks, the hit 1990 television show will finally be unraveled in a new DVD, Blu-Ray box set.

Kyle MacLachlan played the dogged detective, investigating the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) in the dark mystery “Twin Peaks.” Now a new DVD box set will finally offer some answers to the TV series.

Nearly 90 minutes of previously unseen scenes and alternate takes will be included in the box set that will help explained the spooky events behind Palmer’s death, according to a news release.

The box set, titled “Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery,” will contain both seasons of the series and the 1992 movie prequel, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.”

Director David Lynch who created “Twin Peaks” with Mark Frost, has had a hand in the box set’s production as well, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“During the last days in the life of Laura Palmer many things happened, which have never been seen before,” Lynch said in a statement.

“They’re here now alongside the new transfer of ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me’ and ‘Twin Peaks,’ the television series.”

The television show first aired on ABC in April 1990. The first season was made up of seven more episodes, followed by a second season in 1991.

The series’ short life, it was canceled after the second season, is a case study in how a network can botch a hit show.

During its premiere season, “Twin Peaks” was critically acclaimed and was one of the most-watched television programs in the nation. But the network decided to reveal Laura Palmer’s murderer mid-way through the second season, which killed a lot of the suspense.

In addition, ABC juggled the show’s time slot several times, while the plot took a more obscure and drawn out turn. By the end of the second season, the show was 85th in the ratings out of 89 shows, and ABC pulled the plug, according to The New York Times.

But a fiercely loyal fan base has turned the show into a cult classic. The new box set will be released July 29, but can pre-order it now on to avoid missing out when the title is released. Just click the link above.

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