Natalie Portman Natalie Portman may be one of the hardest working women in Hollywood. Along with her critically acclaimed role in “Black Swan” with Mila Kunis, she’ll soon be appearing in no less than four new films. Which should tide her over during her pregnancy.

Natalie’s next film, the romantic comedy “No Strings Attached,” comes out in February.

In he latest film, “Your Highness,” a romantic comedy she plays a lithe woodsman who strips down to her thong bikini in a risqué scene that has cause some controversy with censors.

She will also be appearing in Marvel film “Thor.”

But perhaps the least known of her new films is an indie flick titled “The Other Woman,” based on Ayelet Waldman’s novel “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.”
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Portman plays an office assistant whose life takes an emotional turn when she has an affair with her boss. He goes through a wrenching divorce to marry her and she is soon pregnant.

But she loses the child as a newborn and most cope with the emotional loss while trying to build a relationship with her new step-son.

The indie film will actually debut as a pay-per-view television movie on New Year’s Day, and will hit theaters in a limited release on Feb. 4th.

It will likely be released on DVD shortly after that.

Portman is pregnant with her first child with dancer boyfriend Benjamin Millepied, with whom she just became engaged.

Portman, who famously lost 20 pounds to play an emotionally disturbed prima ballerina in “Black Swan,” was recently nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award, for her role in the movie.

She is likely to also be nominated for her first Oscar in a leading role and is one of the front-runners to win it.

Check her out in “The Other Woman” trailer below:

'Other Woman' Other Woman Trailer @ Yahoo! Video