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Nicholas Cage Faces Rapture: What Happens When God Punts (watch!)

Nicholas Cage plays an airplane pilot who must contend with the Rapture after he’s left behind to endure the Tribulations.

Nicholas Cage plays Ray Steele who has the misfortune of missing the holy Rapture in a new trailer for the movie “Left Behind.” Chaos ensues, people start disappearing, but is that really what the Bible says?

Religious themed movies drawn directly from scripture are all the rage in Hollywood these days.

Going back to Mel Gibson’s break-through “Passion of the Christ” in 2004 through this year’s “Noah,” a retelling of the great flood, God makes good box.

In fact, some publications have called it “the year of faith films.”

“Left Behind” hits on two counts. It’s not only drawn from the Bible, but it also plays on our obsession with post-apocalyptic themes found in big budget movies like “Hunger Games,” “Divergent” and “Oblivion.”

Mostly fundamentalist Christians embrace the Rapture as a literal act of God. It commonly means Christ’s final return to earth. The righteous both living and dead rise up to join God in heaven.

Those left behind must face the “Tribulations,” generally interpreted to mean disasters, famine, war, and pain and suffering.

More than 75 percent of all life on the earth will be wiped out before the Second Coming takes place, according to fundamentalist teaching.

The movie focuses on Steele, an airline pilot, Cameron “Buck” Williams (Chad Michael Murray), a journalist trapped in the plane and Steele’s daughter Chloe Steele (Cassi Thompson), who is trying to reunite with her family.

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