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Emma Roberts Unleashes Her Love Machine in ‘Delirium’ Trailer (watch!)

Emma Roberts plays a teen who falls in love in a society that has ruled love illegal.

Emma Robert’s star turn in the television movie “Delirium” will see the light of day after all. Judging by a new trailer, Fox may have dropped the ball when it bailed on the film and spin-off TV series.

Fox decided to kill the project last month in favor of another series. (See Below)

In the process, they tossed a built-in fan base create by Lauren Oliver’s bestselling young adult novel, from which the movie is adapted.

That normally would have consigned the movie to the dustbin of filmdom, but that was before the Internet. Now, HULU has stepped up with plans to stream the movie.

It will air for a month beginning June 20.

Roberts plays a teen growing up in a dystopian society where love has been outlawed. Everyone who turns 18 must get a shot that turns off the love machine.

But Roberts fires hers up when she falls in love with a guy three months or so before her birthday. No shot for her!

At least she plans to dodge one at all cost.

Check out the trailer below, let us know your thoughts and catch the movie on HULU.

Footnote: Instead of picking up Delirium, Fox went with J.J. Abrams’ robot cops drama. Sheesh!

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