Denzel Washington stars with Chloe Grace Moretz in the upcoming film 'The Equalizer.'

Denzel Washington stars with Chloe Grace Moretz in the upcoming film ‘The Equalizer.’

Oscar winner Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, a retired special-ops commando, who is out to save a young hooker played by Chloe Gracë Moretz in a new trailer for “The Equalizer” that features music by Eminem.

The rapper made the soundtrack with his song “Guts Over Fear.”

The movie is a knock-off of the popular television show that starred Edward Woodward as the secret agent turned detective. It ran from 1985 until 1989.

Woodward made the role his own, but Washington brings his own style to the part and has no problem maintaining the credibility of the character.

Moretz, well, she’s eye-candy, but who’s complaining.

McCall reaches out to Moretz’s character, Teri, in a coffee shop. He offers to help her escape from prostitution and quickly realizes it won’t be a walk in the park.

She’s tied into a ring run by the Russian mafia, and it takes all of his government-supplied commando skills to beat back the mob.

Melissa Leo plays McCall’s old friend and Marton Csokas plays Teddy, a brutal fixer for the Russian Mob.

The new clip reprises most of an earlier trailer, but Eminem’s music gives it an added kick.

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