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Ellen Page, Kate Mara Lampoon True Detective in Hilarious Video

Ellen Page and Kate Mara star in a Funny or Die skit lampooning HBO’s True Detective. (Photo:ScreenCap)

Ellen Page and Kate Mara aren’t detectives; they play “tiny” detectives in a hilarious spoof of the new HBO show “True Detective,” starring Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. Sometimes height has its advantages.

Page, 31, is a statuesque five-feet, one-inch tall, while Mara, also 31, is an inch taller.

That presents certain, shall we say, disadvantages when they are working a crime scene.

In one scene, they struggle to check out some blood stains on a high shelf at a murder scene inside an apartment.

“We’re most likely dealing with two shooters as you can see from the blood splatters on this high shelf, says a conspicuously tall officer.

Can you see it?” asks Ellen.

“I can’t see a thing,” Kate replies.

Obviously, they can’t, but they refuse all offers of help, including a step-ladder.

Instead Kate tries to lift Ellen. But she ends up pulling the shelf off the wall. So much for the evidence.

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