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Christopher Nolan Sheds More Light on Interstellar in New Trailer

Christopher Nolan provides another glimpse of his upcoming movie ‘Interstellar’ in the fourth trailer to feature the movie.

Christopher Nolan provides a fresh look at his upcoming space epic “Interstellar” in a new trailer that features Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey blasting through a deep space worm hole in search of a planet that can support life.

But the real star of the film is the gripping CGI effects, which also feature prominently in the trailer.

This is the fourth preview of the movie released so far. Each mainly dwells on the central premise of the movie; life is dying on earth and mankind must reach out into space to preserve the species.

The move departs for the usual scientific fare because it offers a promising vision of space exploration in contrast to movies like “Prometheus,” where space is filled with monsters and peril at every turn.

McConaughey plays Cooper an engineer and former astronaut who is called out of retirement to pilot a spacecraft destined for a newly discovered worm hole. Theoretically, the holes are gateways to new universes.

He leaves his two children to undertake the journey and explores new worlds, some of which aren’t exactly as accommodating as earth was. This is where the CGI effects kick in.

The highly anticipated movie will go into limited release Nov. 5 and a wide release on Nov. 7 in the United States and Canada. It will be released in 70 mm and 35 mm film formats in about 240 theaters, including at least 41 70 mm IMAX theaters.

The movie also stars Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Bill Irwin and Ellen Burstyn.

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