AnnaLynne McCord has carved out a niche in Hollywood on such shows as “Nip/Tuck” and the revised “90210.” With each passing day, she seems closer to breaking out as the next big sex siren. She definitely has the looks.

McCord received some recognition last year when she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, but she’s drawn the most attention in any number of magazine spreads and paparazzi beach photos.

The 23-year-old lights up another magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle in a series of photos that channel Bridget Bardot, the French siren who ignited the 1960s with her feline sexuality.

AnnaLynne seems to be well-aware that her looks are her ticket to fame. Beside channeling Bardot, she quotes Marilyn Monroe.

Check out AnnaLynne’s photos; click to enlarge.

“You can sell a kiss for a thousand dollars and your soul for 50 cents.” she tells the magazine. “There’s a lot of pain behind that quote. I’ll sell my kisses, of course, but my soul you’ll never get.”

She also seems to be well aware that Hollywood chews up sex sirens, sometimes as fast as they are minted.

“This town can do things to people. My mom didn’t want me to move to L.A. at first, because love of money, fame and power will lead you astray. You’ve got to find a deeper purpose,” she says.

“I’m the stereotypical, ‘Look at me! I’m the actress!’ middle child. I’ve wanted to be a movie star since I was nine years old,” she says.

“It is completely awesome, weird and hysterical that paparazzi chase me around to get my photograph and sell them. I always try to look nice, because I care about my image and my fans,” she says.

Ah, burning ambition, a big heart and killer looks. She’s in the right town. Check out her photos, if you’re not convinced.

And, for more of the interview, check out Beverly Hills Lifestyle.