Anne Hathaway blows away her haters in a revealing new interview in Harper's.  (Photo by Alexi Lubomirksi for Harper's)

Anne Hathaway blows away her haters in a revealing new interview in Harper’s. (Photo by Alexi Lubomirksi for Harper’s)

Anne Hathaway found out the hard way that too much of a good thing can lead to unintended consequences, like a raft of Internet hate just when you’ve achieved one of biggest accomplishments of your career — winning an Oscar.

The problem is Anne makes everything look so easy, from her breezy winning personality to her stunning looks and talent for acting and singing.

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When you’ve got that much going for you, the slightest misstep, or even the slightest perception of entitlement, can touch off a cascade of rebuke from Internet trolls.

And here’s another problem. When you’re an actress who wears her heart on her sleeve like Hathaway, the hate is hurtful.

Anne Hathaway Stunning in Red for Harper’s
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“Punched in the gut; shocked and slapped and embarrassed. Even now I can feel the shame,” she tells the magazine after learning just how much umbrage she was generating.

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The backlash that followed after she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Fantine in “Les Miserables” is the subject of her Harper’s profile.

The one thing she found out about herself is that haters perceived her as being “inauthentic,” that is, someone who was trying just a little to hard to be earnest.

The backlash started after her Golden Globes acceptance speech, which she admits she fumbled. She also realized she’d forgotten to thank her manager of 15 years, who was suffering from cancer.

So, when the movie won for Best Musical or Comedy, she returned to the stage with the cast and rushed up to the microphone to quickly correct her omission.

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But it looked like she was taking all the credit for the movie, which had a star-studded, ensemble cast.

“People saw that as grabby, I guess. I don’t know,” she says now.

Finally, there was the Oscar night faux pas involving her dress. It was ill-fitting and made her breasts look like heat-seeking missiles.

That was enough for trolls to start taking down “Little Miss Perfect.”

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She has a long explanation for the dress, but the good news is she’s taken it all in stride.

“People treated me a certain way,” Hathaway acknowledges. “But I’ve grown from it. This whole thing has made me a way more compassionate and loving person. And I don’t feel sorry for myself.”

She gets back into the fold in her new movie, Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar,” co-starring Matthew McConaughey.

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