taylor-swiftCountry singing sensation Taylor Swift could be breaking into the movies at the top with her very own franchise as Supergirl, the comic book character first introduced in 1959 as a companion to Superman.

The “Love Story” singer is reportedly the hot favorite of movie bosses desperate to bring the Girl of Steel back to the big screen, even though the original 1984 movie was a critical and box office flop.

With today’s special effects, however, movies about action figures have been big hits. And the movie could turn into a lucrative franchise, spinning off sequels, which are highly desired by actors in Hollywood.

Helen Slater as Supergirl

Helen Slater as Supergirl

“Hollywood is short of female heroes and the time is right for a new Supergirl,” said a source.

Swift sold a combined four million copies of her music this year, making her the best-selling musician of 2009 in the United States. She’s dominated awards shows and is up for eight Grammys. But whether she can carry a film with limited acting experience is questionable.

The 20-year-old star will make her feature film acting debut as Samantha Kenny in the film “Valentines Day” next year. She recently appeared on “Saturday Night Live” and did a credible job as the guest host.

The character of Supergirl – alias Kara Zor-El – first appeared in comic books in 1959. Helen Slater played the title character in the 1984 ‘Supergirl’ movie, a spin-off of the ‘Superman’ film series.

“A number of young stars are being mentioned for the title role in a ‘Supergirl’ movie and possible TV spin-off and Taylor is top of that list. She has all the right elements to be a positive role model to young girls,” says a movie source.

This year is the the 25th anniversary of the 1984 film and the 50th anniversary of the character’s introduction. Supergirl, incidentally was Superman’s cousin.