Robert Pattinson lost one co-star in upcoming film “Cosmopolis” when French actress Marion Cotillard became pregnant, but he may have just picked up another. English star Keira Knightley is being mentioned as a possible replacement.

Although Director David Cronenberg is signed on to Paulo Branco’s Alfama Films production, the casting has been fluid and changing.

Colin Farrell was originally attached to the film and had even been featured on some of the promo art for the movie.

But Pattinson, 24, will now take on the role of Eric Packer, a multi-millionaire asset manager, and seeming master of the universe, living in New York City.
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Packer’s life takes a sudden turn for the worse as he struggles to pull off a major currency bet on the Japanese yen that puts his life and fortune in danger.

Farrell confirmed in an MTV interview today that Rob’s gain wasn’t his loss. Timing and scheduling issues “for everyone involved” prevented him from doing the movie.

Beside Cotillard, Paul Giamatti was also attached to the film, but his name no longer appears on Alfama Films Web site. Instead, Knightley’s appears.

But whether she has signed on has not been confirmed. She would play Rob’s wife.

Knightley, 25, recently finished filming “A Dangerous Method,” which Cronenberg also directed, so they have a definite working relationship.

Keira, is currently working on “The Children’s Hour’ alongside Elisabeth Moss, but filming should wrap in April 30. Cosmopolis is slated to start filming May 23.

Cotilliard, 35, who reportedly had the role, is also 10 years older the Rob, which might have made for an odd match.