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Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow Spoof Games Shows With ‘Curse Off’ (watch!)

Jennifer Aniston squares off against old ‘Friend’ Lisa Kudrow in a game of Celebrity Curse Off. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jennifer Aniston was in full-on “Horrible Bosses” mode when she squared off against former “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow in Jimmy Kimmel’s most foul-mouthed competition in America, otherwise known as “Celebrity Curse-Off.”

Aniston is making the talk show rounds to promote her latest movie “Horrible Bosses 2.” Kudrow has a new show on HBO.

The rules of the game are fairly simple. Each contestant must think of a curse that ABC censors will bleep. If they let the expression pass without a bleep, it’s not a curse and the game is over.

“If you are familiar with our show, you know that we are known for bleeping and blurring things unnecessarily. But tonight the bleeping will be necessary; it will be quite necessary,” said Jimmy introducing the game.

While the rules are simple enough, it was surprising to see how fast Aniston and Kudrow started struggling to come up with curses. At one point, Aniston threw in a word that she said was Greek.

The skit was a mini-“Friends” reunion and the audience went wild when Kudrow was introduced.

Of course, the curses were bleeped by censors, but the words were flashed on the screen with letters replaced by has marks and other symbols.

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