Jason Momoa is slated to play Aquaman and last night (Photo: Getty)

Jason Momoa is slated to play Aquaman and last night Zack Snyder dropped an image of his character on Twitter. It’s not your father’s Aquaman. (Photo: Getty)

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman character will be decidedly different form the traditional comic book superhero according to an image of the character dropped last night by Warner Bros./DC director Zack Snyder. What were they thinking?

Momoa’s character looks more like King Neptune than Aquaman of old.

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“There is only one true King,” Snyder wrote in the Tweet, so maybe he is meant to be a combination of the two.

Still, so much for tradition.

Ever since his introduction in D.C.’s “More Fun Comics” No. 73 in 1941, Aquaman has had blonde hair and been Nordic looking.

His ethnicity has change, is no big deal. Call it a sign of the times and a bow to ethnic diversity. For the record, Momoa is Hawaiian, so he definitely comes from an aquatic culture.

Although the original character had bulging muscles, he was also more streamlined, which makes sense since he spends a lot of time underwater.

He needs to be smooth skinned like a dolphin. Think Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps; he’s long and lean like Aquaman should be.

In contrast, the new Aquaman is muscled up even more. His costume looks like its made of scales and he’s got belts, buckles, straps and armor protection that can only slow him down in the water.

He has shoulder-length hair and a flowing beard more akin to the mythological ruler of the sea. And the traditional orange and green colors are no where to be seen.

The character is also very dark, with a piercing scowl in keeping with the latest trend of increasingly darker superheros.

Oddly, in the latest iteration in D.C. Comic’s “New 52” series, Aquaman is still very blonde and very Nordic. The top of his suit is more yellow than orange with scales, although his leggings are still green.

Needless to say, someone didn’t get the memo. On the other hand, comic book characters have been morphing for years. So, every generation apparently gets the Aquaman it deserves.

The character will debut in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice,” in March 2016.

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