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Tom Cruise a Stunt Muffin in Mission Impossible International Trailer (see!)

Tom Cruise spends a lot of time without his shirt in the new international trailer for ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Tom Cruise shows off his acting (read stunt) skill in the new international trailer for his upcoming spy thriller “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.” Forget about the plot, the fast paced special effects will keep you on your toes.

Cruise, 54, breaks out all the hardware in the film, the fifth in his “Mission Impossible” series.

The motorcycle/car chases, daring leaps, high-tech gadgets and super CGI are the real stars. Cruise just goes along for the ride, except when he’s showing off his martial arts prowess.

And, brace yourself for a few shirtless scenes as well.

Cruise may be heading into his senior years, but he’s still pretty buff. He may no longer be a stud muffin, but he’s definitely a stunt muffin.

The clip is basically a plot overview, and there are few surprises on that score. His character, super agent Ethan Hunt, is trying to track down an evil organization that nobody believes exists.

The CIA is a little torqued at him because it’s totally clueless about the threat. Alec Baldwin plays the CIA director, who is trying to shut Hunt down. Congress also would like to cut the budget permanently on the IMF.

So Hunt goes rogue himself. He gets a worthy assist from actress Rebecca Ferguson , who is 20 years younger than Cruise. She plays his cohort in the hunt for the mysterious “Syndicate,” a force just as deadly and secretive as the IMF.

The clip includes a boffo fight scene where Fergunson and Cruise put the hurt on the bad guys.

The film hits theaters during the height of the summer season July 31, accompanied by an IMAX release.

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