Casey Newton's (Britt Robertson) armed is grasped by a severed hand in a new trailer for Disney movie 'Tomorrowland.' Is the violence too graphic for kids? (Photo: ScreenCap)

Casey Newton’s (Britt Robertson) armed is grasped by a severed hand in a new trailer for Disney movie ‘Tomorrowland.’ Is the violence too graphic for kids? (Photo: ScreenCap)

George Clooney and Britt Robertson take a destructive thrill ride in a new trailer for Disney’s upcoming movie ‘Tomorrowland,” a futuristic adventure story that is chock full of violent scenes, including humans who are dismembered and disintegrated.

The film is currently rated “PG,” which means it’s suitable for all audiences with only “parental guidance” recommended.

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The rating warns that the film contains “sci-fi action violence and peril,” and salty language. But that’s not the half of it.

The new trailer, the third released by the studio for the Brad Bird-directed movie, provides more screen time for some of the action footage and it’s pretty gruesome.

All three trailers open with Britt, who plays Casey Newton (distant relative of Sir Isaac?), a wayward teen who comes into possession of a magic token with the power to transport her to Tomorrowland. It’s a place in the distant future where “all things are possible.”

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To find out what the token means, she seeks out Frank Walker (Clooney), a grizzled inventor, former boy genius and modern day recluse. He tries to shoo her away, but too late. Men in uniforms show up and demand her surrender.

But Frank has prepared for the possibility with an elaborate escape plan. He’s going to blast off with Casey in his bathtub. But they first have to run a gauntlet of super-human cops.

That’s when the violence begins. Frank’s elaborate booby traps disintegrate or chop up pursuers with explosives and lasers. In one graphic scene, Casey is left with a severed hand holding her wrist.

Disney bills 'Tomorrowland' as a 'riveting mystery adventure' involving a jaded scientist and an optimistic teen.

Disney bills ‘Tomorrowland’ as a ‘riveting mystery adventure’ involving a jaded scientist and an optimistic teen.

The pursuers are robots, of course, but still look and act very human. Will young kids get it?

The effect of violent movies on children has been widely debated since the 1960s. But a body of research suggests there is a correlation between what kids see on the big-screen and aggressive behavior.

Children see an estimated 10,000 violent acts a year on televisions and in movies, according to The University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Child Development (OCD).

The American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the National Institute of Mental Health have all linked violent TV and movies with aggressive behavior in some children, according to the University’s report on violence in entertainment.

What’s more, watching violence can also leave children fearful or make them less sensitive to real violence and its consequences,” according to the OCD.

Whether Disney overplays the violence in “Tomorrowland,” may be a matter of opinion. But this certainly isn’t kid’s stuff.

The movie opens May 22 in theaters and IMAX.

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