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Ed Helms, Christina Applegate Reprise Griswolds in New ‘Vacation’ Trailer

Ed Helms stars with Christina Applegate in a reboot of the 1980s vacation movies. A new generation of Griswholds is back! (Photo: ScreenCap)

Ed Helms and Christina Applegate and Chris Hemsworth pick up where Chevy Chase left off in a new “red band” trailer for a reboot of “Vacation,” the comedy road-trip movies Chase made famou in the 1980s.

The latest movie includes a whole new cast as a new generation of Griswolds find themselves in all kinds of predicaments on the road.

Helms plays Rusty, who was a child in the original National Lampoon movies. Like his dad, he’s determined to take the wife and kids to Walley World.

“You want to redo your vacation from 30 years ago?” asks Applegate’s Debbie Griswold, Rusty’s wife.

“This time it will be different,” says Rusty. Boy, is it!

The new movie is loaded with sexual innuendo. Hemsworth steals the clip with a ribald crotch shot that characterizes the movie’s potty humor.

Hemsworth plays Rusty’s brother-in-law. His scene recalls Chase’s character’s run-in with a naked Christie Brinkley cooling off in a swimming pool. But obviously the tables are reversed and Debbie is left agog.

“Just want to make sure you have everything you need for the night,” says brother-in-law Stone Crandall, whose gong is big enough to ring a few bells.

Chase and Beverly D’Angelo make cameos as Clark and Ellen Griswald from the old “Vacation” movies. Brinkley appears briefly in a clip from the old movie driving a Ferrari. The scene is recreated in the new flick with a new hottie behind the wheel.

“Vacation” hit’s theaters, Oct. 9. Check out the trailer below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest movie news.

Caution: The trailer has been given a red band because of its bawdy humor and sight gags.

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