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Emily Blunt an Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery in ‘Girl on a Train’ Trailer (see!)

Emily Blunt plays a woman who may or may not be wrapped up in a murder involving her previous life with an ex in the movie ‘Girl on a Train.’ (Photo: Studio)

Emily Blunt, who may be one of the most under-rated actresses in filmdom, gives a superior performance in a new trailer for “Girl on a Train.” The thriller is about a woman who lives through the lives of others from her seat on a commuter train until one day, she gets wrapped up in their lives.

Paula Hawkins wrote her debut novel, a mystery thriller, also titled “The Girl on the Train.” Dream Works Pictures acquired the film rights two years ago.

Erin Cressida Wilson wrote the script. She’s best known for the 2010 erotic thriller “Chloe,” starring Julianne Moore,Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried.

Blunt leads the cast of “The Girl on The Train,” as Rachel Watson, a woman who takes the same commuter train everyday to work.

She sees the same couple everyday having breakfast on the deck of their posh suburban neighborhood where she used to live, according to the film synopsis.

She creates an imaginary life for them that’s an idealized version of her own ruined marriage. But one day she witnesses something that shocks her. Rachel goes to the police, but suddenly finds herself enmeshed in the web of mystery involving the couple and her ex-husband.

The trailer reveals that the woman, Megan played by Haley Bennett has a secret. She goes missing after Rachel spies her with another man. As it turns out, the woman is ex-husband Tom’s (Justin Theroux) nanny.

The movie also co-stars Allison Janney, Lisa Kudrow and Laura Prepon. It’s set to hit theaters on Oct. 16, distributed by Universal Pictures.

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