Mila Kunis has a newfound appreciation of acting… and the ballet. She says her role in Oscar-nominated “Black Swan” was her most difficult ever and she’s sworn off pointe shoes forever. But the film was far from her strangest role.

Kunis reveals in a new interview with W magazine that she was once a Baywatch babe, even if she was only nine years old at the time.

Kunis, 27, immigrated from the Ukraine with her family when she was seven years old, and they moved straight to Los Angeles, where she started acting as a child as a hobby, and “to get out of school.”

“From nine to 14, I did close to 15 commercials, and I guest starred on just about every television show. I was on Baywatch twice,” she says.

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“The second time, I played a blind girl who’s lost in the forest next to the beach and needs to be saved. It was absurd: There’s a fire, I get saved, and then I go boogie-boarding.

“I remember thinking, Well, if I’m blind, how am I boogie-boarding? No one ever gave me an answer.”

Her breakout role came on television in “That ’70s Show,” in which she played Jackie, part of an ensemble cast that included Toper Grace and Ashton Kutcher. The show ended when she was 22, and acting was destined to be her career.
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“I realized for the first time that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. So I had to make acting a career—to make smart choices instead of choices made for fun,” she says.

As for Black Swan, “I had never danced in my life,” she says. “But I will never dance again.”

“I’m a strong believer in mind over matter, but I didn’t fully understand what that meant until this production. I was like, Well—I wear heels; I can do this. I was wrong: Christian Louboutins are uncomfortable, but I screamed the first time I put on a pointe shoe.

Fortunately she survived intact. Check out her photos above.