Natalie Zea’s breakthrough role came in “Passions” a decade ago, but she’s kept busy in a number of projects, including three guest appearances last year. But when she’s not working she likes to lounge around the house. Just check her out in Esquire.

The 35-year-old TV star is the latest to pose in Esquire’s “Me in My Place” photo feature.

If you don’t remember her from Passions you may recall her appearances in “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Hung.”

Last year she appeared in “Justified” “The Defenders” and “Law & Order: Los Angeles.”

She’s back as a series regular on “Justified,” which airs Wednesday’s at 10 p.m. on the FX network.
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“There’s a lot of unrequitedness involved in a lot of these women that I play. I’m drawn to the romantic aspect of a character. It’s human emotion. It’s much more fun to watch. And it’s much more fun to play,” she says.

But enough about work. Zea lives in Los Angeles with partner, Travis Schuldt, also an actor and her former co-star on “Passions.”

She defines laid back L.A. culture.

“I try to be a good girl. I time it out so that every single second of my morning is being utilized: I shower, drink the coffee, brush the teeth, deodorize, and get dressed sometimes,” she says.

“As I age, I become more and more happy with what I see in the mirror. At some point, that’s going to stop,” she adds.

But not on this day.

“I’m a big fan of side boob. But there’s only so much you can do with side boob in public. That’s much more an at-home thing,” she says.

“Our house is really, really cold — you walk in and the temperature drops about ten degrees for no reason. It’s not the best in the winter, so I can’t sleep bottomless. But in the summer, I go with nothing.”

You also won’t find her very often in lingerie; it’s something she likes to look at but sees no point in wearing. Same goes for bras.

I’m not a big lingerie girl. I see it and I love it and I appreciate it and sometimes I even buy it, and then it never gets worn,” she says.

I’m not a big bra girl at all. And I’m finally on a show that’s on cable, where I’m allowed to not wear a bra and I’m very happy about that,” she adds.

“I’ve always been fighting for braless, so much so to the point where the networks asked the standards and practices to call up producers and be like, ‘You have got to get that broad to wear a bra, because we’re having to airbrush out her nipples.’ Because nipples are awful. I mean, god forbid!”

She’s got that right. check out her photos below.