Brad Pitt scored a blockbuster hit with his 2013 zombie film, ‘World War Z.’ A sequel is on the way, but when is anyone’s guess. (Photo: Paramount)

Brad Pitt’s life has been a bit of a horror story lately, but that doesn’t explain Paramount’s surprise decision to pull the release of his epic “World War Z” zombie sequel. It had been scheduled to debut during summer blockbuster season.

Pitt took a huge gamble on the original film.

His Plan B Entertainment secured the film rights to a 2006 Max Brooks book by the same name, after a heated bidding war with Leonardo diCaprio’s film company.

Pitt had previously talked about his desire to write, produce and bring ideas to the screen that, otherwise, might not make it in Hollywood.

But the zombie film was greeted with a collective yawn when the first teaser trailer was released in 2012.

Pitt and Paramount doggedly stuck with it, giving the film a major push with an ad during the Super Bowl.

The film was dogged by production delays and a reported falling out between Pitt and director Marc Forster over post-production issues, pushed back the release.

The production budget soared to a reported $125 million, which is astronomical considering the genre.

The movie, however, turned out to be visually stunning. Zombies swarmed like ants over New York City.

What’s more, the film proved to be a huge summer hit. It grossed more than $540 million worldwide, putting it squarely in sequel territory.

Given all that, it’s baffling why Paramount is now pulling “World War Z 2” from a pretty delicious spot in its summer lineup.

Paramount has yet to provide a new release date, amid reports that principal production has yet to get underway, according to Variety.

The sequel was slated to debut on June 9. It would have gone head-to-head against Tom Cruise film “The Mummy,” another horror adventure.

“World War Z” could be pushed back as far as 2018 or 2019, according to the trade mag.

In the meantime, check out a trailer from the first film.