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Robert Pattinson Goes Down Hard in New ‘Lost City of Z’ Trailer (See!)

Charlie Hunamm and Robert Pattinson buddied up at the premiere of their new film ‘The Lost City of Z.’ The scotched rumors of a feud. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson gets flattened in a new trailer for “The Lost City of Z,” the action-adventure movie about the travails of real-life explorer Percy Fawcett and his sidekick Henry Costin.

Charlie Hunnam does the honors as Fawcett, while Pattinson plays Costin. He becomes Fawcett’s aide de camp the hard way.

The trailer depicts their first meeting on a ship bound for the Amazon and reveals some insights into each character.

Fawcett is a tightly wound explorer who is obsessed with finding a legendary lost city deep in the Amazon rain forest. Costin signs on for the trip.

In the scene, Fawcett is hiding inside his cabin just inside the door. As Costin steps into the room, Fawcett grabs him from behind and throws Costin to the floor.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Fawcett says nervously after surprising Costin and wrestling him to the floor.

“Henry Costin,” Pattinson replies softly, “I responded to your advertisement in The Times. I’m you aide de camp.”


“Mr. Costin, we’ve been at sea for a week. Why are you just presenting yourself now?” Fawcett demands to know.

“I wanted to make sure you’re up to the task, sir,” Costin replies.

The two men are clearly wary of each other and don’t share the same personality. “Are you drunk, Mr. Costin?” the explore asks with disdain.

They clearly don’t hit it off, at first.

Their on-screen tension was also reported to have extended off-screen, according to some tabloids. But those reports proved to be false.

Pattinson and Hunnam both attended “The Lost City Of Z” premiere in Los Angeles, and laid those rumors to rest.

The film will hit theaters this Friday (Ap. 14). Check out the trailer below.

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