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Steven Colbert Cold Open Kicks Off Hot Politicized Emmy Awards Show (see!)

Stephen Colbert was hilarious in a cold open for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, in a musical tribute to this season’s shows. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Stephen Colbert opened the 69th Prime Time Emmy Awards with a hot little number that paid homage to the season’s television shows. Speaking of season, the number was seasoned with subtle political jibes at Donald Trump, who never won an Emmy, even though he was nominated several times.

Colbert has soared to No. 1 in the ratings for late night comedy shows thanks regularly lampooning Trump in his opening monologues.

How could he resist, a few shots as host of the show? Ahem… he couldn’t.

As the old adage goes, art often imitates real life. Or is it life often imitates art? Either way, scripted television shows this year couldn’t top the headlines this year for depressing news.

“Look guys, I know the world outside is getting crazy, but look on the bright side. Television has never been better.

“Good point Stephen,” said actress Allison Janney. “But I bet you can’t sing it.”

Of course, he can! Sorta. Colbert can barely carry a tune.

But he delivers a bouncy performance dancing through several television show sets, singing things like what does global warming and the Middle East have on the “Walking Dead?”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus delivers a Trump zinger as Colbert dances through the “Veep” set.

“Imagine if your president is not beloved by Nazis,” she sings, an obvious reference Trump’s white supremacist support.

You get the drift.

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