Blac Chyna Celebrity Big Brother

Blac Chyna could be coming your way as part of the cast of a new Celebrity Big Brother. Oh, brother! (Photo: Blac Chyna/Instagram)

Blac Chyna is known famously for being semi-famous as Rob Kardashian’s baby mamma. But all was not lost with their breakup. She appears to have leveraged her 15-minutes of fame into a possible slot on a new “Celebrity Big Brother” television show.

The 29-year-old provocative sometime model, real name Angela Renée White, was battered in the tabloids over her relationship.

But the publicity was enough to make her a candidate for the show. “The production team behind the show is trying to get Chyna,” a source told US magazine.

If she lands the job, producers are hoping she’ll be ready to dish big-time on Rob and also put their 11-month-old daughter, Dream, in the spotlight.

Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob and the Kardashian family imploded last year after she claimed in a lawsuit that he physically abused her.

She also charges that the Kardashian clan tried to undermine the former couple’s reality show “Rob & Chyna” and helped scuttle a second season.

The court papers contain some explosive charges.

“Rob Kardashian is an abuser intent on destroying Angela White, the mother of his baby, who left him in 2016. In revenge, the Kardashian-Jenner family became media predators, slut-shaming her on social media and killing her hit television show, which had already begun filming a second season. Rob Kardashian and his powerful, vindictive family have done enough damage to Ms. White’s career and professional reputation, which she singlehandedly built from scratch – without the help of a famous last name. This lawsuit seeks to hold them accountable.”

Rob’s lawyer, however, says Chyna is the “violent and aggressive abuser.”

When they had the notorious falling out, the lawyer charges she was high on cocaine and alochol.

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen announced last month that an all-star version of the reality TV show will premiere in winter 2018.

The format is expected to be similar to the original version of the CBS reality game show.

With Blac Chyna in the cast, it’s sure to be explosively fun.

Check out the video below.