Megan Fox is way too hot to let a flop stand in the way of her movie career, but how many flops can she endure before her acting relegates her to a B-movie career? Her latest film “Passion Play” is going straight to DVD.

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It happens to the best of actors and actresses sooner or later, but Fox has had a string of poor showings since she quit, or was booted, from the “Transformers” movies in a dispute.

Even then, she was mostly eye candy in the films.

As if to make a point, Director Michael Bay replaced her in “Transformers 3” with model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who had no previous acting experience.

In “Passion Play,” Fox is an angel, Lily, who falls sway to a ruthless gangster, and appears in a seedy sideshow as the Bird Woman.
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Mickey Rourke plays washed-up jazz trumpeter Nate Pool who does not want to betray sinister gangster Happy Shannon, played by Bill Murray.

It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and was widely panned.

Critics called the film “awful” a “mess” and “an absolute car wreck,” according to London’s Daily Mail. Many walked out of the screening.

Be that as it may, she looks absolutely stunning. Fox appears in low cut dresses, skimpy lingerie and revealing body suits.

Still it wasn’t enough to save the film.

Not that it was all Megan’s fault. Neither Rourke nor Bill Murray possess solid acting skills.

That makes three flops in a row.

“Jennifer’s Body,” supposedly a major breakthrough film, was released in 2009 and only earned $6.8million.

“Jonah Hex,” her big summer release with Josh Brolin, cost $47 million to make but only grossed $10.9 million worldwide.

That would be three strikes. But Hollywood is not baseball, and Fox is far from out.

Check her out in the trailer from “Passion Play.”

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