Alexander-RobAlexander Skarsgård has developed a dedicated following just like Robert Pattinson in “Twilight” ever since being cast in 2008 as the sexy vampire Eric Northman in the hit HBO series “True Blood.” But who’s hotter?

In many ways, he’s career trajectory and popularity is the same as Rob’s. Ironically, they both play vampires! Today, Skarsgård is almost as hot — or even hotter, according to his legion of fans — than Rob, who is besieged everywhere he goes.

How do the two compare?

At 33, Alexander is a decade older the Rob and is better prepared mentally to deal with the overwhelming attention of his fans. So far, he says he’s been able to grounded by ignoring the media hype.

“I never read fan sites or blogs,” he says. “I don’t think it’s good for me. If it’s negative I know it will get to me. Or you just read positive things, your ego sort of explodes.”

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Like Rob, he also vows not to change: “Nothing would hurt me more than if [my friends] said that I have changed,” he says. “After all, I was over 30 when things started to happen in the States.”

The gorgeous 6’4″ Swede will show off his superfit physique this season as his bad-boy character has more provocative sex scenes with both male and female characters. Rob also has a bad-boy aura that makes him irresistible as Edward Cullen.

“There’s a lot of nudity [in Season 3],” Skarsgård promises. “There’s going to be a lot violence and a lot of sex [for Eric] — with women and men! So it should be interesting.”

Alexander Skarsgård Pumps Iron in Anticipation of Nude Scenes

Season Three of “True Blood” begins filming later this month and airs on HBO in June 2010. “Twilight” sequel is in theaters now and the next installments “Eclipse,” and “Breaking Dawn” will appear in the summer and fall of 2010.

Skarsgård was born and raised in Sweden but his heart belongs to New York City. The actor says the time he spent studying his craft in the Big Apple helped him realize his true love for acting.

Skarsgård landed his first feature film role at 7, thanks to his father Stellan Skarsgård (“Good Will Hunting,” “Angels & Demons”), who is a movie star in his own right. But Alexander was only bitten by the acting bug in his 20s.

“I never really considered it a profession, I just thought of it as something fun,” Alexander tells Blackbook magazine. “Then I did this movie when I was 13 and it got quite a lot of attention in Scandinavia, and it just made me very uncomfortable.”

Alexander took a break from acting in his teens. “From the day I started working as an actor I wasn’t saying, ‘I’m gonna be a big star.’ So it wasn’t a tough decision for me to stop. And my parents never pushed me,” he says.

At age 20, Skarsgård began to think more seriously about his goals. “I started thinking about what to do with my future and potential careers, and obviously acting came up again,” he says.

“I missed acting, and the fact I quit had nothing to do with the work itself; it had to do with everything around it [the fame and unwanted attention].”

He adds: “I felt I owed it to myself to give it another go and see how I felt about it. Then I went to study at a drama school in New York, and from Day 1, I knew how much I missed it and how much I loved it.”

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