Actress Adrianne Palicki showed off her new crime-fighting costume for her upcoming NBC show “Wonder Woman,” but he ample breasts were the real stars. The red, blue and gold outfit came u a little short on top.

Palicki, 27 went through the motions for some publicity photos in Los Angeles and struggled to keep her ample breasts contained in the low cut bustier.

Adrianne and her stunt double were photographed running and jumping on cars.

The show is a reprise of the hit 1970s show that vaulted Lynda Carter to fame.

Carter’s Wonder Woman outfit, however, did not include pants. She wore leotards and her top was far more conservatively cut.

Check out Adrianne’s photos; click to enlarge.

Beside efforts to update Wonder Woman’s look, all of her powers remain intact, including superhuman strength, superhuman speed and super-strong women’s intuition.

Based on the classic D.C. comic, Diana Prince is a successful corporate executive who becomes a vigilante crime fighter in L.A.

Elizabeth Hurley will be featured in some episodes as Wonder Woman’s adversary Veronica Cale.

David E. Kelley, who is writing and producing the show, adds a human element to the show because Prince’s ability to balance the many demands on her life will be part of the story line.

He famously produced such hit shows “Ally McBeal,” “Chicago Hope” and “Boston Legal,” which were steeped in pathos.

Adrianne is best known for her role in the television drama “Friday Night Lights.”

NBC has yet to announce a debut for the show.