Anne Hathaway pushed back today (Apr. 7) at critics who called the Oscars, which she hosted with actor James Franco, “the worst show ever.” She says critics were too tough.

Hathaway made the comments to Matt Lauer on the “Today Show” this morning, where she appeared to promote her new animated film “Rio.”

Hathaway acknowledged that critics called it “the worst show ever … I think that qualifies as tough,” she said.

But she said reaction from fans on the street and her own takeaway still make her appearance a cherished memory that she “tell her grandkids about, hopefully.”

Franco and Hathaway never gelled on stage. They barely seemed to talk to each other, and the clumsily read their lines off of the teleprompter.

Franco looked like a wooden Indian. Hathaway looked like she was reliving “Weekend at Bernie’s,” tied to a stiff and doing her best to inject a little life into the presentations.

The duo were a marked departure from the Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais, who needled celebrity audience members