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Avatar’s Zoe Saldana Red Hot in Lingerie (photos)

Zoe Saldana sizzles in lingerie. The Avatar star is one of Hollywood’s hot sex kittens.

Zoe Saldana redefined sexuality in the hit sci-fi movie “Avatar.” Her character, even if Na’vi blue, established her as a screen siren and this hot lingerie photo shoot shows why.

The hot new star and Queens native says she was shocked the first time she saw her character on screen, but laughs about her more, ahem, human elements.

“I saw all of my own expressions and mannerisms, but I was nine feet tall and blue,” she said in a recent interview. “And I had boobs. I just kept laughing and giggling. I couldn’t believe Jim [Cameron] would do something so amazing with technology.”

Saldana starred as Neytiri, a fierce warrior who befriends, and eventually falls in love with, Jake Sully, played by Australian star Sam Worthington.

Check out Zoe’s photos; click to enlarge.

What’s more she does a hot Na’vi love scene in the 3D DVD release.

Saldana vaulted to the public’s attention as a sexy, female pirate, Annamaria, in the first “Pirates Of The Caribbean” film, with Johnny Depp.

Before that, she had smaller roles in “Guess Who,” with Ashton Kutcher and “The Terminal,” with Tom Hanks.

At Cameron’s recommendation, Saldana was cast as Uhura in the hit remake of “Star Trek” and will appear in the sequel.

Calvin Klein also tapped her to rep its underwear line “Envy.” Who wouldn’t be envious of her body.

While her true beauty is somewhat concealed by CGI effects in “Avatar,” she’s all flesh in this photo spread.

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