sex-and-the-city-2Carrie looks fabulous and Samantha is still as flirty as ever in the new “Sex and the City 2” trailer. There was no hint about what Miley Cyrus, Liza Minnelli and Penelope Cruz will be doing in their cameo roles, but the trailer does offer some clues about the movie’s plot.

Released today (Dec. 23), the 90-second clip is just a reminder from the studio during this movie-crazed week that film is coming in May.

It looks like the sequel to the hit movie and HBO series will still stick with its tried and true formula of four gals trying to keep things together in the big city, complete with Manolos, Jimmy Choos and cosmopolitans.

But they will also take their show on the road to an exotic locale, Morocco, for some girls gone wild in the desert.

The new movie has adopted the hit “Empire State of Mind,” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ as one of its signature songs, so the film’s ties to New York City remain strong.

“It’s been two years and in two years, amazing things can happen,” says Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, who still appears to be with Mr. Big. But how is the relationship going?

The trailer shows Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) still the busy career girl, Charlotte, (Kristin Davis) as the homebody, baking cupcakes with her 2-year-old daughter, Rose, and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) at a wedding.  Not Hers?

Then, it cuts to Morocco showing the girls hopping on a plane and wandering in the desert.

“Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls,” Carrie sighs. She’s got that right. When in doubt: Road Trip!