Pattinson-VF-Front-CosmpolisRobert Pattinson has ditched his disheveled look and three-day beard in his new movie “Cosmopolis.” He looks absolutely rakish with a close-cut, swept-back executive style haircut, a clean shave and starched shirt.

Pattinson began filming “Cosmopolis” in Toronto and this is one of the first photos to go viral showing him in character as Eric Packer.

He plays a high flying banker who starts out his day in his stretch limo in New York City, on his way simply to get a haircut.

But he’s confronted with a series of crises that cost him millions of dollars from a risky currency investment involving his cleints’ money. He must cope as his world unravels.

Filming in Toronto began on May 23 and will run through at least July 21.

David Cronenberg is directing the surreal film, which Rob in the company of some A-list actors, who should help him grow in his craft.

The cast features Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Samantha Morton.

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The photo was taken with a little insider help. Caitlin Cronenberg, yes, her dad’s the director, posted it for everyone to see.

Rob is pictured in the back of his limo where most of the action takes place. Riding with him is co-star Sarah Gadon, who is also dressed to impress.

“In a few hours I get to share something very exciting,” Caitlin Tweeted. “Does that excite anybody.”

As it turns out, it was more than exciting for Rob’s legion of fans.

Caitlin assured everyone the photo was legit.

“Allow me to explain. Films in production release a press release to alert news outlets that they are in production,” she explained.

“Don’t even worry about me! Just enjoy!” she added.

Good advice!