“Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson is a hopeless romantic. He puts a very high premium on true love, and confesses in a startling interview that he could never fall in love with a friend. What does this mean for girlfriend Kristen Stewart?

Rob, who is in Toronto filming his new movie, “Cosmopolis,” made the comments in a little noticed interview for German Bravo while he was promoting his current film “Water for Elephants.”

Rob was asked whether he could fall in love with someone who was a friend.

“No. Not at all,” he shockingly replied.

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“I don’t think that friendship can turn into a great love. Because one of the two feels different,” he explained.

“You mean one of them feels not enough?” the reporter asked.

“Exactly. It’s like this: If you were friends before, either the girl thinks she can might find someone better or the boy.

“So better would be someone‚ new?”

“Yes. I felt this way,” Rob continued.

“I only spend time with girls who I also feel drawn to. So she had to decide whether she wants to go out with me or not.”

Whew! Sounds like Kristen does fit the bill for a lover, rather than just a good friend. Since Rob reportedly pursued her.

Rob also gives some tips about how he initiates a relationship.

He tries to discover if a girl likes him during what he calls the “introductory phase.”

It’s better not to be so direct because she might say ‘no’ to me. Better stay relaxed. Wait. That’s the best way,” he advises.

And, Rob is certain about one thing; age doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in love – even if she’s 95. It doesn’t matter what others think, if the feelings for each other are genuine,” he said.

And, here’s one thing he hopes to never tell Kristen. That he has found someone else

“That’s a terrible situation because you get the impression that you’re destroying a love.

“But it happens when a relationship is already approaching an end. And then, suddenly someone new comes into your life and you can’t conrtol your feelings.

And here’s one danger he says to look out for in a relationship.

“I think the longer you’re together the more similar you become. But is shouldn’t go too far. Love only lasts if it stays exciting.”

When would he end a relationship with a woman?

“If she’s mean to my dog,” Rob replies laughing. “There are problems in any love. Only lying would be the end.

“If she would tell nasty things about my friends and would hurt me so. Lies always come to light. Therefore, don’t do it.”

But secrets are okay?

Sure! I think that secrets are very important.

“In a relationship, it’s important to be diplomatic and to say things not too harsh. Total honesty could lead to a separation.

And also bad: You should never control the phone of your partner. That’s terrible! This can never end in something good.

so Rob’s path to true love?

“Confidence! If one is destined to be together, then it happens.”

Does his relationship with Kristen sound safe? What do you think about Rob’s thoughts on love. Is he too unrealistic?